Monday, October 17, 2011


Long time, no posting!  I have been sewing quite a bit, off and on, between the kids' activities and a very long illness.  Some of the things I'm sewing will have to be shared later, like after the holidays!  I am doing an extremely poor job of focusing on sewing for myself which was supposed to be my resolution for this year.  However, I have enjoyed the gifts I've sewn for Christmas, but will wait to post them until after the recipients have gotten them so as not to spoil things! 

As the post titles says, I have been sewing bras.  I sewed up 2 of them which were leftovers from my bra workshop class at last year's American Sewing Guild conference. 

2 sets of bras all cut out and ready to sew.

Bra cups pinned and ready to sew.  Unfortunately, I found all the pinning awkward and annoying, so I undid it all and hand basted instead.  I will do this for future ones!

Bra strap with one edge scalloped.  These are time consuming to make!

2 completed bras!
 I have a few more bra kits that I can sew and hope to work on those soon.  They are more fun and colorful, too.  Bra sewing is a rather tedious endeavor to tell the truth, but the comfort and fit can't be beat by any that you can buy!


MushyWear said...

I really admire you for sewing bras. They look so tricky. I do hope you are feeling better from the illness. Good for you with getting Christmas gifts already sewn! I know that I'd like to make some this year, and if I don't get started I will surely run out of time.

Cennetta said...

Nice. I have yet to try to make a bra. It looks so intimidating.