Friday, July 8, 2011


It seems like a long time ago now, but back in May I showed the fabric for my dining room draperies.  It was a learning experience for me since I've never made draperies before!  It involves a LOT of hand sewing.  But, I think they turned out pretty well!  They are super heavy since the fabric is really upholstery fabric and I lined and interlined them.  They should provide some good insulation during the winter for sure. 

I didn't have a pattern, but used several books for guidance and directions.  Because of the interlining, lining and all the hand sewing making draperies is really a lot like dress making even down to the final fitting!  Kinda strange to think of that!

I was really pleased with them!  Here they are:

I had someone else cover the cornice boards and while they look good on the right side, the back is really sloppy.  I think I'll attempt them myself if I ever want cornice boards again.  And, yes, the dining room is painted BLACK!  Above the chair rail has a coat of gold glaze sponged on to pick up the gold in the draperies compliments of my stepmother!  She did a great job with it.  Very hard room to photograph though because it's so dark.

I was lucky enough to find 2 coordinating fabrics for my drapery fabric and you can see 1 of them on the chair seat beside the window.  I had someone else do these, too, and like the cornice boards, I will be doing any future chair seats myself!  I think the pattern on this chair should've been rotated 90 degrees.  Oh well, no one knows but me, right?


MushyWear said...

I can imagine how much work went into making these. They are gorgeous!

Joanna said...

Andrew keeps bugging me to try my hand at curtains. The lower floor of our house gets so drafty and cold in the winter. Maybe it is just because of the size, but they seem so daunting! And yet yours look so fantastic but then again, so does everything else you make!