Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sew Ready: A Review

In our quest for sewing education, I had dd the youngest watch the craftsy.com class, Sew Ready:  Machine Basics.  I figured that while she isn't a novice, she isn't overly experienced either, so she would get something out of it.  Besides, the class is free, and there are only 5 mini-episodes (it's really pushing it to call it 5 since the first one is a hi how are you and here's how to use Craftsy).

DD said that while she didn't learn a lot, she did learn about cleaning her sewing machine. (Oops, must've missed that one in our sewing education here!)  Additionally, she loved episode 3 on feet.  Because the instructor had both vintage and modern feet, dd became interested in the vintage ones.  I am fortunate enough to have my grandmother's sewing machine, so we opened the drawers and explored its feet.  We agreed that there were quite a lot of them, they're very interesting, and fun to look over, but we weren't ready to transfer over to using the ol' Singer!  One day maybe?

I thought it was interesting to hear what an elementary aged blooming sewist had to say about a class geared towards novices.  I guess we've done an okay job with instruction, minus the cleaning your machine part!  The class was free, the sessions were short, and it was a fun thing to watch while we ate lunch this summer!  I think we'll need to do some feet exploration soon!

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