Sunday, April 1, 2012

Corks and Couching

Ever since I posted about corking my sewing room walls, my dh has been diligently working on them!  (Perhaps I should post about honey do's more often?)  It takes a lot of time, effort and energy as well as assistance from the youngsters to get the placement worked out.  Anyway, here's the progress!  Gotta love it (and him!)!!

The corks go down to the top of the lowest shelf.  My thread rack has been taken down to work on the wall.

Here it is a couple of weeks ago.  The corks weren't even to the top of the upper shelf yet.  The thread rack is covered with paper to protect it.

Before this wall was begun!   Quite a difference.

And I have finished couching my silk dupionni from my class at Les Fabriques.  What will it (eventually) become?  It really needs some coordinating fabrics so I won't know until I find those :(  But I really love this little panel a lot.  I particularly loved using the vintage pearls on it.  As a side note, this little piece of fabric is now very heavy for its size!

Even the oldest dd commented that she thought it was lovely so it must be!

Finished!  Don't know what it will be...yet.

About half done.
And I've managed to accomplish my Friday and Saturday to do list:  skipped school, sewed some, planted, hiked (and had a snake adventure...), ate fabulous grilled pizza, and watched a movie.  Today, we've already been to early church, had delicious Panera pastries, took a nap (equally delicious in the late morning) and now a little blogging while the guys work on our dinner tonight--starting and ending with green--homemade guacamole for snack, Indonesian Pork Satay with Peanut Sauce, Thai-style Cucumber Relish, kimchee, rice, Crispy Asian Broccoli with black beans, and Key Lime Pie.

What did you do to enjoy this pretty weekend?  I'm off to the sewing room to work on that dratted top some more...

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Uta said...

That couched fabric is amazing! It's a work of art, so I'd probably make a wall hanging from it. Looking forward to seeing what you will use it for!