Tuesday, April 14, 2015


After a long hiatus and much thought, I do think I'll continue to blog.  I like having a record of my sewing.  Real life does get in the way, and I suppose I'll never get over hating working on pictures so I guess that means that I'll never be a super regular blogger.  However, so many sewing bloggers have stopped, and I know I really miss reading what they wrote and seeing what they sewed!

I've actually been sewing rather a lot (for me), and had begun a few posts.  I think I'll finish those posts and catch up with what I've made this year.  

Towards the end of last year (2014), I made more swimsuits for our vacation:

I promised dd the elder that I would not make her another swimsuits.  And I haven't.  Instead, I sewed some for the much less cranky and infinitely more compliant and friendly, dd the younger.  First, we discussed the fabrics we had available:

Then I printed some croquis from the Threads website for her.

She had a very good time illustrating her ideas!

The croquis was a lot of fun and very useful for me to follow as I sewed.  A prototype was in order though because it had been two years since I made a swimsuit pattern, and at her age kids grow fast.  There don't seem to be many swimsuit patterns available so I just sort of used my last pattern as a jumping point and kept drawing and changing and comparing sizing until it seemed right.  Then I tried it out in bright pink and some really wild stuff--leftovers from previous suits.

Wild prototype at the bottom.  The blue pieces are mix and match separates.
Sadly, I do not have a single picture of these being worn!  The blue pieces were a lot of fun--there's a basic tank top with a flounce along the bottom and a halter style top with a solid blue band.  One of the bottoms is a plain fitted variety with a solid band at the top while the other bottom is skirted (and her fave!).

So there you have it!  I've done a bit of catching up from last year--only one post left to do and I can see about 2015!

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